Re: Apologetics, Genesis, and C S Lewis

Howard J. Van Till (
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 21:06:50 -0500

Glenn Morton, speaking on the topic of how his colleagues in geology
respond to talk about Genesis 1 (I believe this is where the discussion

>>>And when I suggest that they read it in the allegorical manner, they
and laugh and laugh. So that doesn't seem to be an effective strategy

But Glenn, just what does this laughter actually demonstrate? That a
literary, non-literalistic reading of Genesis 1 is something to laugh at?

Or could it be that the most laughable, but yet profoundly tragic and
lamentable, element in this situaton is that modern, Western,
scientifically-oriented culture has lost all ability to articulate or read
anything in any mode except the artless and extremely restricted
matter-of-fact style of technical report writing?

Glenn, if you and your colleagues are trapped in that artless world, I
sincerely hope that you can find a way out. If you're interested, C. S
Lewis could give you directions.

Howard Van Till