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Tue, 24 Nov 1998 19:48:53 -0800

At 02:21 PM 11/24/98 EST, wrote:
>At 08:14 PM 11/23/98 -0800, Glenn R. Morton wrote:
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>>>In reply to my point that historical documents could be found which
>>>invalidated the NT documents, you replied:
>>><< We know that such a document existed at one time or some document like
>Where do we know this from? The Romans were very good record keepers, like
>businesses and people today. The study of Rome is a hobby of mine, but they
>did not keep records of bribes that I have seen as the end of verse 12 below
>says. That is stretching it quite a bit.

First we know that the Romans guards had to make some report. But, I didn't
say that they had to report a bribe (and we have only the testimony of
those with an interest in discrediting the Roman guard's story attesting to
a bribe)

Let me ask a question that should make all mad at me.

It appears to be the fact that many Christians like the YECs will ignore
all scientific evidence in order to make the Bible true, and it appears to
be the fact that the more scientific brothers in Christ will proclaim the
TRUTH of Scripture regardless of what scientific/historic misstatement the
Bible might make (and proclaim Scripture to be true allegorically). Given
this, if I assume that the Apostles were no different than modern
Christians, one half ignoring the observational data that might contradict
them and the other agreeing with the truth of Christianity regardless of
what it might entail, how are we to trust the statement by the Apostles
that a bribe was given?

If I can't trust that the apostles have the ability to distinguish what
really happened from fantasy (YEC approach) or allegory, how can I trust
what they say about bribes? How can I trust what they say about anything?

If the witness is not capable of determining reality, he is not a
trustworthy witness. In my mind both sides YEC and Allegorical lead me to
question the veracity of the Apostles statements. If they were like us,
then what they said is probably not true.


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