Re: Adam and Recognizing the Creator...

John W Burgeson (
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 14:02:42 -0700

Glenn wrote:

"I have read when Elephants Weep (at your suggestion a while ago) I
find it very convincing."

OK, that's fair. Although your response, which referred to elephant
traits, a minor part of the book, was not very convincing.

Here is your argument, as I read it.
About 3-5 MY ago, the data shows, some beings showed love and nurture
toward a member of their species who was, apparently, unable to
contribute to the survival of the tribe.

This kind of action is found only in humanity, not in other life forms
currently on this planet.

Humanity is "imago dei."

Therefore the tribal beings 3-5 MY ago must also have been "imago dei."
Have I stated it correctly?

In ELEPHANTS WEEP, a number of incidents are shown where other organisms
currently residing on this planet show love and nurture toward a member
of their species, indeed, on occasion, toward a member of another

This kind of action is found in humanity, who are "imago dei."

Therefore, either these other organisms, geese, elephants, etc. are also
"imago dei" or the character trait of showing love and nurture is not a
characteristic which can distinguish between imago dei and non-imago dei.

All I am pointing out, friend Glenn, is that your argument here is a weak
one. The beings 3-5 MY ago may, or may not, have been "imago dei." This
particular argument does not give a strong reason (it does give a weak
reason) for believing so.

Happy Thanksgiving, BTW!


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