Re: Descendants and Thomas Trap

Glenn R. Morton (
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 20:20:37 -0800

Hi Burgy,

At 10:40 AM 11/20/98 -0700, John W Burgeson wrote:
>Glenn wrote:
>"Exactly what evidence do you present to prove to me that Jesus is the
>one in whom all things hold together?"
>I'm going to take a crack at this, Glenn.
>It is NOT --- "see this! Now believe!"
>But it is -- "Believe! Than you will see this!"
>I am not saying this is how I would have done things
>were I God. Last time I checked, I was not.
>But it is the way it is (IMHO).
>The unbeliever may say to the God he does not think is real, "OK, whoever
>you are. I am WILLING to listen, and believe, and to commit to that

I like what you are saying here. But the belief just can't be in any ole
thing. Koresh's believers believed. They also burned. Jim Jones believers
believed. They also drank koolaid. Belief is simply not enough. Belief
must be in that which is true. And how do we know what is true? We can't
'believe' our way into that. We have to examine some evidence.

What you say still misses the purpose of an apologetic. If all an
apologetic is to accomplish is to say "Believe and you will see" then we
don't need apologetics.

If apologetics is to match facts with Scripture then that is a different game.


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