Re: Apologetics and Genesis

John W Burgeson (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 14:26:19 -0700

I wrote:

">If we seek for truth," or at least for a "best answer," the fact that
>of the candidates for that answer has bad social tendencies has no
>bearing on its candidacy.

Glenn wrote:

"In general I agree with you... ."

I take that as a statement where looking for "the best answer" may not
be the best way search for an answer. You may be right -- though I don't
see in this case (origins issues) that should be true.

How-some-ever -- I can think of at least one case it would hold. Suppose
that the "best answer" on "how do I build a bomb which will blow up my
city?" is an answer so trivial that a child could accomplish it. I guess
that in this case it might not be a good idea to search for it.


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