Re: Descendants of Wolves, Bovines and Adam

George Murphy (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 07:41:46 -0500

Glenn R. Morton wrote:
> Let me assure you that my 'locking in' was not done by whimsy. I have
> studied this area for almost 30 years looking for solutions. The problem I
> have is that we apply one standard of truth to the real world and another
> to religion. Cases in point. No one would say that the Ptolemaic system is
> scientifically false, but communicated the truths that Ptolemy wanted to
> deliver to us.


& no one should say that Dante's Divine Comedy is invalidated by
the fact that it uses the Ptolemaic model of the universe as a setting.
Note that I say "should": I realize you will say that the Divine Comedy
is "just poetry" & therefore can be neither true nor false.
Determining literary genre by what you feel is needed for apologetics gets
things backwards. The fact that you need a particular type of account in order for your
argument to work doesn't mean that it is that type of account.

George L. Murphy