Adam and Recognizing the Creator...

Rasmussen, Ryan J. (
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 11:42:26 -0500

Taking this a view little bit farther. Evolution is a rather slow
process. (For that matter maybe its not so much "evolving" as it is
developing what already exists in mental capacity for the pre-Adamites.)
God commissions Adam and Eve to reproduce and populate the world with
human beings that are able to contain a soul. The other ethnic people
will eventually develop that capacity in time but God wanted to start
right then and there (also part of the reason Eve had to be created).
If Adam had taken any other female as a mate would their children have
all the capacities to receive God's image? Who knows?

Native Americans and other people around the world who were relatively
isolated all seem to have some idea that there was is a being (or beings
for some) beyond this world. Seems to me that all humans have the
ability to see that there is something beyond this plane of existence.
We all have the ability to recognize the Creator. God just sent people
like Abraham to let the people of the world know it is Him. Maybe
that's what makes a creature a human being... being able to recognize
the existence of the Creator?

Wish I could write a little more and organize my thoughts a little
better but I'm at work and I really should be working. Couldn't let
these thoughts pass by though...