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>I was only answering Dick's construction of Pre-Adamitism: He says plainly on
>p. 194, "Thus, Catal Huyuk must have been a pre-Adamic city, and the
>there were not in 'the image of God.'"

The other day I expressed my concern about the limited Adam theory having
potential for abuse. I am not a historian so I didn't know that it had
already been misused. In unrelated research I ran across the following
about Agassiz:

"Thus, America's leading biologist came down firmly on the wrong side of a
debate that had been raging in America for a decade before he arrived: Was
Adam the progenitor of all people or only of white people? Are blacks and
Indians our brothers or merely our look-alikes? The polygenists, Agassiz
among them, held that each major race had been created as a truly separate
species; the monogenists advocated a single origin and ranked races by
their unequal degeneration from the primeval perfection of Eden--the debate
included no egalitarians." Stephen J. Gould "Flaws in a Victorian Veil,"
The Panda's Thumb, p. 170-171

Does anyone know of sources where I can learn more of that debate Gould
speaks of?

Adam, Apes and Anthropology
Foundation, Fall and Flood
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