Re: Re: Apologetics and Genesis
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 06:40:50 EST

In a message dated 11/13/98 8:51:12 PM, Paul Seely wrote:

<<According to Dick's theory, only Adam and his descendants were created in
image of God. Prior people, even Homo sapiens such as at Catal Huyuk (p. 194)
were not in the image of God. This means that people today who are descendants
of "Pre-Adamites" and not in the Adamic descent do not have the image of God.
This means they are lesser beings whom one can kill with impunity because the
basis of capital punishment in Gen 9:6 is that (according to Dick's theory)
only those in the line of Adam are in the image of God. Since some people
such as the Bushmanoids, the Australian aboriginals and native Americans have
been isolated from the Adamic gene pool for thousands of years, they could and
can be killed more freely than if they had the image of God. I think that
logically follows from Dick's construction; but, I do not think it is


I think the only response to the dilemma you posed above is to recognize that
the Image of God was created in all men as described in Gen. 1:26, 27. Pre-
Admaic humans were created in the image of God, according to Gen, 1. I cannot
imagine human beings, including the ones you mentioned above, who do not
possess the image of God in their most fundamental being. I recognize that
the traditional and preferred view is that the Image of God applies
exclusively to Adam and Eve, but I believe that is because the traditional
view is that this couple was the biological head of the human race. Yet Dick
Fischer has argued, correctly, I believe, that Adam was not the biological
head of humanity; he was inserted into an already populated world. Of
course, Adam was created in the image and likeness of God, as Gen. 5:1-3
asserts. That does not mean he and Eve were the first to be created in that
Image. He had a special, covenantal relationship with God, that no other
human being had at that time. He was the head of the covenantal lineage that
resulted in Christ. That's what made him special.

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