? from andrew mandell

Robin Mandell (rmandell@jpusa.chi.il.us)
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 22:51:18 -0600

not sure who I am talking to or if this is o.k.
but here it is.I am a lay person(never called myself that before) as in not
a "scientist" who would love some dialogue.I live at the christian
community Jesus People u.s.a.Can't really go off to college and find the
"answers" as have kids and many peoples lives that I
seem to belong in.I have struggled to hold onto the bile as truth without
ignoring what my mind sees to be true in
"science".Been through the whole young earth bit and all and see that as
pretty worthless.however there are many problems for old earth that I am
not satisfied have been dealt with in the papers I have read.some questions
no doubt are mine for life but some maybe have some answers that I am
missing.know anyone you trust who might correspond with me.