Re: Apologetics and Genesis

Inge Frette (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 13:38:16 +0100

George wrote:

> Until fairly recently, "ordinary opinion" didn't differ radically from the
> best scientific opinion. I.e., science was in accord with "common sense."
> It isn't any longer, & that's one reason there seems to many to be
> dissonance between science & Scripture.

Hei George,
could you specify the timespan of "Until fairly recently" ?
Is is one decade, several decades, a century or
maybe sevaral centuries you are thinking of ?

Are you thinking of the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics or even
evolutionary theory as new scientific knowledge that is not in accord
with "common sense" ? Or are there more recent things that have changed
this ? I admit my limited knowledge of history of science here, since I
don't "get" what you mean with "until fairly recently".

Regards Inge