RE: Loony claims about moon dust

Vandergraaf, Chuck (
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 22:16:31 -0500

George Murphy wrote:

> Unfortunately it's packed away now but I have one book, by an author who
> glories
> in the name Brinsley LePoor Trench, which argues that the earth is hollow
> & that the
> flying saucers come from inside. It has a picture captioned "The most
> amazing
> photo ever taken", a satellite photo showing the 600 mile diameter hole at
> the North
> Pole. It must be true - I saw it in a book!
> The moon, by the way, is an ancient alien spaceship. I read that in
> another
> book.

We must be entering the silly season!

Reminds me of the argument about a flat earth. The proponents argued that
the centre of the flat earth was the North Pole and the rim the South
"Pole." As supporting evidence they cited that nobody had ever flown across
the South Pole.

Whenever I get an attack of insomnia, I tune to 1110 KFAB (Omaha, NE) and
listen to Art Bell. These recent loony claims are about in the same league!

Chuck Vandergraaf
Pinawa, MB