Re: Loony claims about moon dust

George Murphy (
Mon, 09 Nov 1998 21:27:17 -0500

Arthur V. Chadwick wrote:
> At 04:25 PM 11/9/98 -0400, David wrote:
> >Reminds me of a tabloid article I saw posted at USGS claiming that the moon
> >was the skull of a space monster. It fortunately died just before it could
> >devour our atmosphere. This explains the face-like "man in the moon"
> >appearance of the full moon. The low density of the moon relative to the
> >earth is explained becauses skulls are hollow. I do not recall any mention
> >of dust.
> We have an honest-to goodness first edition of "The hollow earth Throry" in
> our library! I haave put it on the Philosophy of Science reading list. It
> is a real winner, and the logic is inscrutible. The theory is that the
> earth is hollow and we really live on the inside. At the poles, there are
> holes that you can get out fi you are clever enough. The evidence is
> overwhelming. You can prove it to yourself just by taking off your shoe.
> If the soles turn up, you must be walking on the inside curvature of the
> earth. If you were walking on the outside, your soles would turn down.
> I'm convinced.

Unfortunately it's packed away now but I have one book, by an author who glories
in the name Brinsley LePoor Trench, which argues that the earth is hollow & that the
flying saucers come from inside. It has a picture captioned "The most amazing
photo ever taken", a satellite photo showing the 600 mile diameter hole at the North
Pole. It must be true - I saw it in a book!
The moon, by the way, is an ancient alien spaceship. I read that in another
Yours in lunacy,
George L. Murphy