Man in China 2.4 million years ago?

Glenn R. Morton (
Mon, 09 Nov 1998 20:08:07 -0600

The following was on the web today. It is the discovery of stone tools
dating to 2.4 million years ago in China. There were no human remains
found with the tools. Such claims have been made for other sites around
the old world but generally held in doubt. Old stone tools have been
reported from Riwat Pakistan dated to 2 million years ago.(Richard G.
Klein, The Human Career, (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1989),
p. 206-207)

If man was this widespread at that time, it would require a much older
human(toolmaking) history. The oldest stone tools in the world are 2.5-2.6
million years old from Africa.

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HEFEI (Nov. 7) XINHUA - Chinese archeologists
have discovered 180 stone tools and a great
number of primate fossils dating back 2.4
million years in Fanchang County in east China's
Anhui Province.

The archeologists from the Chinese Academy of
Sciences said that their discovery proves that
human beings living here more than 2 million
years ago may be the earliest in Asia.

The stone tools and fossils they found were
unearthed from an 50-square-meter earthen layer
about seven meters beneath ground surface.

"Making and using tools make human beings
different from animals," said Jin Changzhu, one
of the archeologists, adding that the unearthed
stone tools with irregular patterns might be
made by the ancient human beings.

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