Loony claims about moon dust

David Campbell (bivalve@mailserv0.isis.unc.edu)
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 16:25:11 -0400

>New insights on the moon issue emerged from a recent acquisition (that I
>did not purchase!) titled "The Birth of the Moon". The author is Lewis A.
>Manson. The book comes recommended by various notables. It is published
>by "Northrup University" in Inglewood CA. The moon is the result of a very
>recent extraction of the material previously occupying the Pacific ocean.
>This also explains the absence of moon dust. Evidence for this includes
>photos of "moon rocks" taken by the astronauts that are in actuality
>pictures of the head of a fossilized dinosaur from the sediments previously
>in the Pacific Basin. Other evidences cited include the sea cliffs along
>the Pacific Coast that could only exist if the ocean basin was plucked
>out...ostensibly by a fly-by celestial body. Convince yourself! See the
>dinosaur fossil photo at:
Reminds me of a tabloid article I saw posted at USGS claiming that the moon
was the skull of a space monster. It fortunately died just before it could
devour our atmosphere. This explains the face-like "man in the moon"
appearance of the full moon. The low density of the moon relative to the
earth is explained becauses skulls are hollow. I do not recall any mention
of dust.