Re: CSA review

John W. Burgeson (
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 15:16:46 -0500

>>I was and am a member of that forum, and I can attest that Mr. Bergman is
misrepresenting that episode. >>

Thanks for the clarification, Alan.

I've been looking for a really articulate spokeman
for the ICR views for almost ten years now. Surely, somewhere,
there must be one!

I am almost incented to try to defend their positions
myself (though I don't hold many of them) just to
sharpen up some of the questions a little.

If I were a YEC, I see no other position to hold than that
of Gosse (a variant of "last Thursdayism"). As such, I'd argue
that the plain reading of Genesis is the only one (for a Christian)
to hold logically, and that the various findings of science are simply
irrelevant to the issue. This position leaves
me open to the argument of a "deceitful god," but I
think that argument is a weak one, overcome but the observation
that God told us (in Genesis) what we need to know about origins
and so, if "science" contradicts that, it is "science" that must be
discarded, and not God's Word.

It's been twenty years since I tried to argue myself into that position;
a brief period of time I did get to the place where I could say I
thought the YEC position was at least (remotely) a "live option." But
not for long.

Another observation I have on the YEC folks is that they
are so often "angry." And defensive. And ready to set up
web sites espousing their views, but hardly ever (there are exceptions)
show up on LISTSERVs. Not all are that way; Gish and I have had some
very friendly chats, although I'm sure he sighs deeply whenever he
thinks of me!