CSA review

John W. Burgeson (burgy@compuserve.com)
Sun, 8 Nov 1998 15:27:29 -0500

I'm posting a message from Dave Bergman
with his permission.

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From: Dave Bergman, DBergman
TO: John W. Burgeson, burgy
DATE: 11/6/98 9:07 AM

RE: CSA review

Message text written by John W. Burgeson said:

>If you have any interest in doing so, may I invite you to join
either the ASA or the EVOLUTION LISTSERVs run out of Calvin College.

There are few YEC people on these; ...<


Dear John,

Thanks, but I decline your invitation to join any new group that will
require my time and effort. I'm too busy with various Common Sense Science
projects and research.

In the 1960s, I joined the ASA until I learned that my beliefs were more in
line with the Creation Research Society's "young-earth creation" position.
(In the 1990s, I learned that I have major differences with CRS leaders as
regards physics. But I am still a member of CRS.)

Also in the 90s, I joined an internet forum called "Science and
Christianity." This group became incensed with my postings when they had
no adequate responses, and I became the subject of scorn and was soon told
my postings were "inappropriate." I left the forum with two convictions:
(1) I could articulate an adequate defense of the new CSS models and
positions in physics, and (2) I had more important things to do than serve
as a whipping boy for the willfully ignorant.

So, I will even decline your invitation to respond to Mike Hardie. If he
or anyone else contacts me directly, I will give a careful, reasonsed
response. But I certainly will be pleased if you wish to use my material
to answer Mike. His initial posting suggests he is just asking questions
in areas where he is confused.

CSS is publishing Foundations of Science as a way of answering questions we
receive by postal mail and the internet. Many times the same question is
asked, and my time is better spent writing and mailing one good answer than
always responding to individual questions. If you wish a free
subscription, please send an e-mail message with your address. This
invitation for a free subscription to FS extends to anyone, including
members of your forum. (Need US Mail
address -- sent via e-mail)

Best Regards,
Dave Bergman
Common Sense Science