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Hi Paul,

At 12:52 AM 11/8/98 EST, wrote:
>I am saying that the resurrection of Christ is the most important thing that
>shows the superiority of Christianity to all other religions. What objective
>evidence is there that he rose? Eyewitness accounts indirectly reported by
>Luke, Paul and others.

That automatically makes them second hand reports. I would not be allowed
to tell a court room what you saw on the night of a murder. It would be
thrown out as hearsay.

There is nothing circular about it. It is the same
>historical methodology used to support a belief in any ancient historical

Actually, Caesars Gallic wars, (which I had the misfortune of having to
translate in High school) was a 1st person account of history. It was not
the Gallic wars written by Brutus.

>There are a number of different answers to the objection that Jesus was
just a
>nut or a charlatan and his disciples were as deceived as the disciples of
>and charlatans today. For one thing the quality of the teachings of Jesus
>been generally acknowledge as superior even by unbelievers. For another,
>and charlatans only have a passing cult following. How many people 200 years
>from now will even know the name of J. Jones, Rev. Moon, or Cy much less be
>followers? How about 2000 years from now? And, where is their power to turn
>sinners into saints? The Church gets a lot of bad press from the world, much
>of it earned; but, the enormous amount of good the Church does goes

Fame is not a guarenttee of righteousness. Joseph Smith will probably be
known in 2000 years. And I would lay money on L. Ron Hubbard. If I could
only figure a way to come back then and collect. :-)

> What you are
>not seeing is their ancient Near Eastern background. I will explicate this
>more fully in a forthcoming paper and send it to you off list. The true
>nature of these chapters is the answer that will allow you to slip between
>horns of your dilemma (history or myth?).

I will look forward to that.

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