Kent Hovind

Ed Brayton (
Sat, 07 Nov 1998 18:26:34 -0500

"Vandergraaf, Chuck" wrote:

> This weekend, a "free seminar on the creation-evolution conflict" is
> being held in Winnipeg at the Berean Baptist Church. Guest speaker is Kent
> Hovind who, according to the Winnipeg Free Press, hails from Pensacola, FL.
> If I didn't live 120 km from Winnipeg and the roads were better (we are
> having some freezing rain), I'd be tempted to go and hear what the man has
> to say. I just hope that none of my students show up.

Ah, my old buddy Kent Hovind. Although he is considered a bottom feeder at best
by most of his fellow YECs, he is wildly popular among the rank and file. He is
probably the most tireless worker in creationism, on the road at least 5 days a
week spreading the word. Because of this, myself and several others are working
on a web site with the specific purpose of answering his claims, some of which
are astoundingly stupid. A few quick examples:

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built by either Adam and Enoch or Noah and
2. AIDS was invented in a lab in Maryland by the Trilateral Commission for the
purpose of reducing the world's popultion.
3. Satan uses UFOs to get from place to place because, unlike God, he can't be
in all places at once.
4. Evolution is to blame for the Trail of Tears massacre of the Indians.
5. The government is injecting microchips into us to track our actions when they
give us flu vaccines.
6. David Koresh was killed by United Nations soldiers.

This is a very small sampling. He also promotes the work of Ron Wyatt, who is as
pure and blatant a con man as I have ever come across in this or any other
field. Hovind is a blast to watch, but you will have to stifle the laughter if
you want to avoid being thrown out.