Re: Genesis and Predictions

Jonathan Clarke (
Sun, 08 Nov 1998 09:04:55 +1100

Glenn R. Morton wrote:

> Then why not exend that to the Exodus? There is no evidence of that either.
> And if the exodus is not true, can Judaism be the true interaction of a
> people with a real God? And if Judaism is false, what about the 4th branch
> of Judaism--Christianity? Can Christianity be true, if Judaism is false?
> glenn


This is getting close to a thin end of the wedge approach. "If we can't take
Genesis as history, we can't take Exodus as history, if not Exodus then....."

In the end it is the context which decides whether we take a Biblical passage
as history, as allegory, as symbol, or as some other form of literature.
Context is a difficult guide, which is why exegetes argue so much! But consider

the range of literary styles in genesis alone! structured prose, poetry,
genealogy, and narrative. Each requires its own hermeneutic.

The alternative is to read the Bible as if it were written in English at the
end of the 20th century according to our standards of writing , which is to
force the Bible into our mould, rather than letting it speak for itself.

In Christ