Re: Lack of Apologetical predictions

Glenn R. Morton (
Sat, 07 Nov 1998 15:02:47 -0600

At 06:54 PM 11/7/98 +1100, Jonathan Clarke wrote:
>So, the challenge for us, as for every generation of God's people, is to
>present the the Biblical world picture (which involves the gospel) in a
way >that is intelligible to our era. I can't see how we can do so when we
use >Genesis 1-11 as a scientific or historic textbook. That approach
looked >suspect to the church fathers in the 4th century, how much more so

Working in the geoscience industry I can tell you that a large percentage
of my colleagues are not christian because they can't believe Genesis tells
the truth. You can't believe how many times the Flood comes up on geologic
field trips (always in a ridiculing manner), and how often Christians are
sneered at for what they teach. But then if you ask these same people,
"Would you believe Genesis and the Bible if I told you that Genesis 1-11 is
merely an allegory?" They will tell you that that is what they already
believe and see no reason to believe fairy tales. Every Christian who is a
geologist KNOWS what I am talking about. Those moments of relaxation on a
field trip where someone says, "You know the Bible says that all this was
dumped in in a single year!" Which starts the laughter and criticism coming.

While I don't believe that apologetics in creation/evolution area is an
evangelical tool, I don't see anyway to stop this criticism EXCEPT by
finding a scenario that actually matches the Genesis account AND science.
To agree with my colleagues that Genesis 6-9 is not historically true,
does not grant the Bible any special reason to be believed by them. In
fact, they already believe it isn't true. Agreeing with them won't change
their minds!!!

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