Re: Genesis and Predictions

Glenn R. Morton (
Sat, 07 Nov 1998 10:22:29 -0600

At 04:36 AM 11/7/98 PST, Adam Crowl wrote:
>Glenn's thread on the predictive value of our interpretations of Genesis
>is deinitely stirring the pot,

I always love stirring the pot. A tranquil pot is a boring pot.

>Genesis 1-11, if not beyond, really should be seen for what they are -
>folklore/myth - which fulfilled certain cognitive functions for a
>pre-scientific community. The texts contain features that are patently
>absurd and that later writers interpreted non-literally anyway.
>Historical interpretations of the same and conclusions based on those
>interpretations were really derived in times of ignorance and contain
>subtle assumptions that have no scientific meaning today. If anything
>can be salvaged from the thoughts of a previous age it's the theological
>content and its clear reference to us all. All else is superfluous junk.

Then why not exend that to the Exodus? There is no evidence of that either.
And if the exodus is not true, can Judaism be the true interaction of a
people with a real God? And if Judaism is false, what about the 4th branch
of Judaism--Christianity? Can Christianity be true, if Judaism is false?

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