Re: moon dust info - please help

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 20:51:00 -0800

At 08:51 PM 11/6/98 -0600, Glenn wrote:

>Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha giggle, giggle...
>sorry I couldn't control that. cracks and exfoliations in a rock making it
>a dino head? I thought I had seen it all.
>By the way, what is Northrup University? There is such a place, but they
>are publishing this? What kind of place is it?

Nope, this is no joke. It is in a hard-bound book! That is too a dinosaur
head! Look again! See the scales on the back of the head, and the skin and
flesh are all preserved too. That's why you can't see the bones, like in
dinosaur skeletons preserved on earth. It is dedicated to Dr. Ulric B
Bray, Chairman of the Board of Northrup University. Introduction by John J.
McKetta, the E.P. Schoch Professor, University of Texas, Austin. Foreword
by J.J Dailey of Gulf Oil Co. So it is real!