Re: moon dust info - please help

Adam Crowl (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 04:19:08 PST

Art Wrote:
>> But to say that YEC's were out of their tree
>>because they advanced this argument as evidence for a young (moon?)
>>something is just wrong. It was good science in its day.

The dust estimate [Hans Patterson's original studies]might have been,
but the YEC conclusions came after the work in the 60s that actually
measured meteoric infall. Hence they were out of their tree.

Joel Duff replied

>I am finding this discussion most intersting. I must admit I am still
>trying to work out the details as to who knew what and when. You may
>right about the initial argument but I am not sure yet. Now I would
>to see what people were saying in the 1950s. Was the argument that if
>moon had been around for 2 billion years it must have thick dust on it
>mainstream scientific thought or was it a minority idea among
>but a common idea among popularizers of science.

Two different kinds of dust are being discussed I suspect. The YEC
argument is based on 1959/60 work by Hans Patterson, while discussion in
the 50s probably relates to exfoliation of lunar rocks due to day/night
heating changes. Meteoric processes were largely a dark issue back then.

I do think that Jonathan
>has a point that although the thread is about moon dust I find that ICR
>people have polarized the issue by emphasizing the dust as necessarily
>being the result of uniformitarian assumptions when there were other
>concerns and possible causes of moon dust that would not fit within a
>uniformitarian construct. Let's look back in time and see exactly who
>how the original argument that dust on the moon might be a significant
>concern. Again, this has been a most interesting thread. I thought
>moon dust argument was old stuff but there are some interesting nuances
>all of this.
>joel duff
Interesting in a perverse way, like all post-mortems conducted on any
stinking corpse. But I like such perverse discussions anyway. This is
also "history of science" which is interesting in its own way.


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