Re: Geology of Israel/Levant

Glenn R. Morton (
Wed, 04 Nov 1998 19:43:25 -0600

At 02:02 PM 10/30/98 -0500, Steven H. Schimmrich wrote:
> Anyone familiar with any books or summary papers detailing the geology
of this
>area of the world? I looked around a little and haven't found much.

By chance I was talking to a geologist today in our international group and
saw on his desk a map of the arabian peninsula. Upon closer inspection it
included Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula. It came
from a CD "Map Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields, and Geologic Provinces
of the Arabian Peninsula, by R. M. Pollastro, A. S. Karshbaum and R. J.
Viger, USGS Open File Report 97-470B

don't know how much it costs but it has a fair geologic map of the Levant.
The map is a .PDF file which can be read in Acrobat.

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