moon dust

David Campbell (
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 12:34:02 -0400

A problem with the current use of the argument about moon dust by some
YECs, documented in Science Held Hostage, is the false claim that
were astonished to learn that there is not over 2-3 inches [5.08-7.62 cm]
of dust-just the amount expected if the moon was only a few
thousand years" (to quote the web page). Apart from the already-discussed
lack of astonishment, the second half is also false. Tracing
bibliographies backwards, this claim proves to be based on a newspaper
photograph of an astronaut footprint. In fact, the depth of dust is
compatible with around 4 billion years of accumulation of meteoric dust,
etc. The footprint shows the depth of loose dust, but just as here on
Earth, you do not sink to solid rock when stepping on soil on the moon.

Incidentally, the apparent ignorance of significant digits does not suggest
a strong background in science.

David C.