Society for Neuroscience lecture

Bill Struthers (U60376@UICVM.UIC.EDU)
Tue, 03 Nov 98 10:31:51 CST

Hi all. Just thought that I'd pass along this information to anyone who is
planning on attending the SFN conference next week or will be in the LA area.
In Christ,
Bill Struthers

The Christian Neuroscience Fellowship will be meeting at this year's annual meet
ing of the Society for Neuroscience on Monday, November 9th from 11:30a.m. - 1:0
0p.m. in the Los Angeles Convention Center, room 505. We are pleased that Dr. W
arren S. Brown, Jr., Director of the Psychophysiological Laboratory and the Lee
Edward Travis Institute and Professor of Psychology at Fuller Theological Semina

ry will be joining us and speaking on "Whatever Happened to the Soul: Neuroscie
nce and Theology". All members of SFN are invited to attend. For additional in
formation please contact Bill Struthers,, 630-75