Re: moon dust info - please help

Blaine D. McArthur (
Mon, 02 Nov 1998 22:42:43 -0800

> Joel Duff wrote:
> sat in front of his TV watching the the first men land on the moon and
> says that the announcers were interviewing NASA engineers who talked
> about the moon dust problem and he says there was a real public
> perception that it was a serious problem at that time.

> thinks he remembers lots of talk during
> those days of a very specific moon dust concern and that those big
> pads were there specifically because they thought they might sink into
> the moon. I still would like to hear some personal personal
> recollections.

Although I was only 14 1/2 at the time, I was interested in the landing
in a serous way. I followed it religiously, (no pun intended, this was
before I was a christian, and it probably was my religion.) I still
remember those fuzzy black and white images on my TV. I still remember
the almost hesitant sound of Neil's voice as he intoned "That's one
small step ...." I do NOT remember any talk about moon dust; if there
was, it certainly didn't stick in my mind.

Although the original TV broadcasts were live, I am sure there are tapes
of all those broadcasts. (the truth is out there - sorry, I couldn't
resist.) Actually, the answer to Joel's friend's question lies on those
tapes. And it would be kind of interesting to see and hear Walter
Cronkite again.

This thread has really stirred up memories. I will have to pull out my
old worn issues of National Geographic. I still have the original sound
recording that came in the issue about the moon landing. Incidently,
the old Nat. Geo. issues on the Apollo program, as well as old issues of
Life magazine would also probably refute any questions Joel's friend

Blaine D. McArthur