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Mon, 02 Nov 1998 20:51:46 -0600

At 01:29 PM 11/3/98 +1100, Jonathan Clarke wrote:
>Even some YECs have rejected it. Tell a lie often enough and it will
believed, >even when the some of the perpetrators own up.

This is absolutely correct. Consider the article by
Snelling and Rush, "Moon Dust and the Age of the Solar System" CEN TEch. J.
Vol7:1:2-42. They wrote:

"But still the NASA planners wanted to dispell any lingering doubts before
committing astronauts to a manned spacecraft landing on the lunar surface,
so the soft-landing Surveyor series of spacecraft were designed and built.
However, the russians just beat the Americans wehn they achieved the first
lunar soft-landing with their Luna 9 spacecraft. nevertheless, the first
American Surveyor spacecraft successfully achieved a soft-landing in
mid-1966 and returned over 11,000 spendid photographs, which showed the
moon's surface in much greater detail than ever before. Between then and
january 1968 four other Surveyor sapcecraft were successfully landed on the
lunar surface and the pictures obtained were quite remarkable in their
detail and high resolution, the last in the series (Surveyor 7) returning
f21,000 photographs as well as a vast amount of scientific data. But more
'as each spindly, spraddle-legged craft dropped gingerly to the surface,
its speed largely negated by retrorockets, its three footpads sank no more
than an inch or two into the soft lunar soil. The bearing strength of the
surface measured as much as five to ten pounds per square inch, ample for
either astronaut or landing spacecraft." S. F. Singer and L. W. Bandermann,
1967 "Nature and Origin of Zodiacal Dust in The Zodiacal Light and the
Interplanetary Medium, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA
pp 379-397, cited by Andrew Snelling and David Rush, " "Moon Dust and the
Age of the Solar System" CEN TEch. J. Vol7:1:2-42, p. 29

YECs KNOW that the moon dust story is wrong, the NASA records PROVE the
moon dust story is false, and anyone that says they were watching TV in the
late 1960s and were told that the moon had a thick dust layer, is clearly
NOT able to analyze scientific information in which pictures of the moon
were taken from the UNSUNKEN Surveyors and were shown on TV, Newspapers
and magazines. Joel, did your friend never look at the Surveyor pictures
which were in Newsweek, Time, the Network news and in the Scientific
literature? I remember those pictures, although I wasn't concerned with
lunar dust at that time as I wasn't a YEC yet.

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