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| Dear Listserve members,
| Here is a request for you to chew on. I think I remember a discussion about
| the 24 hours so perhaps you can help this "young?" man. I would appreciate it.
| Don Munro
| >From:
| >HI there my name is Jacob and I was wondering about getting some
| >information on creation. I have heard of many things where science
| >has been found to be in favor of creation. I remember hearing about
| >them figuring when the world was first made and how they found that
| >they were off by a day. Then they looked in the bible and found
| >that in one scripture the Lord stopped the sun for 23 hours and 20
| >minutes. then they still couldn't figure where the 40 minutes went
| >so they looked some more and found again that he stopped it again
| >for 40 minutes. I also heard of other things but I would like to
| >know some more facts. I am writing a thesis paper about this and
| >about some of the factors that show that evolution isn't as credible
| >as creation. I hope you can help me. Thanks
| >
| >Jacob Smith

Search Altavista for "Joshua's long day". I recommend in particular


Hope this helps,

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