Re: Did man originally speak a single language?

Glenn R. Morton (
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 22:31:40 -0600

Concerning what Gordon Brown wrote about Babel not necessarily requiring
that all humans on earth were speaking the same language at that time, I
would agree. but I would note that the Scripture still requires that all
humans began with the same language because presumably, Adam and Eve could
communicate with each other. This is true so long as one beleives that
there was an Adam and Eve. If there wasn't, then there is no necessity for
language to originally have been universal.

In another regard, I am going to say something to make people mad at me. I
would note that the allegoricalization of Adam and Eve, which is so
widespread in Christianity and especially among the members of this
listserv, leads to NO research program looking at the what the Bible might
say about early human history. Allegorys by definition give little impetus
for further research. The YECs advance an already falsified research
program, but the hypothesis I have advanced over the past few years, does
lead to lots of new ideas and findings and suggestions in the area of
apologetics. This linguistic input requires too old an earth for the YECs
and the allegoricalizers have no interest. My view requires something like
this, which is why I went looking for it.


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