Re: Neandertal question

Glenn R. Morton (
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 20:49:26 -0600

At 05:18 PM 11/1/98 -0800, Blaine D. McArthur wrote:
>Can you give more information about this YEC publication?

I have one version of this, it is John Cuozzo, "What Happens to the
Craniofacial Structure of Humans who live past 100 years? Neanderthal
Similarities." Proc. 4th Int. Conf. on Creationism, Pittsburgh, Creation
Science Fellowship, 1998), pp. 103-119.

I am curious
>about the procedures used to determine the effect of aging on skeletons;
>curious about the techniques used to *extrapolate* and determine what
>the skeletal morphology of a 400 year old human would look like. There
>is considerable data on the range from -9 months through maybe 80, or 90
>or even 100 years old. Forensic anthropology uses this data within a
>legal/courtroom setting on a regular basis. I have seen no trends in
>this data indicating a movement toward a neandertal morphology.

That is what Cuozzo takes morphometric analyses on old men and extrapolates

However, as Blaine has noted, the features are found in infants so this
work is useless.

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