Re: Request for citations on types of religious belief

Jonathan Clarke (
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 09:52:33 +1000

Ted Davis wrote in part:

> A recent exchange I have had elsewhere with theologian Phil Hefner leads me
> to suspect that the following words may *not* being used to mean the same
> things in different professional communities (e.g., theology, history of
> science, intellectual history, philosophy):
> theism
> deism
> pantheism
> panentheism
> Interested parties are requested to send me, off-board, full bibliographic
> references to articles/monographs/scholarly reference works containing
> definitions, either explicit or implicit, of one or more of the terms listed
> above.

I have found the following work invaluable in its discussion of the nature of,
and differences between, theism and deism.

Hooykaas, R 1959. Natural Law and Divine Miracle. E. J. Brill, Leiden. 237

Hooykaas also used the very useful term "semi-deism" to cover those who argue
that God must periodically intervene in nature, that such interventions are, by
their nature, inexplicable, and are evidenced as gaps in the natural order.
Sounds familiar?