Re: Moral effects of Darwinism

Steven H. Schimmrich (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 15:33:28 -0400

At 12:45 PM 9/29/98 -0700, Art Chadwick wrote:
>At 01:16 PM 9/29/98 -0400, david wrote in response to my comment:
>> I have seen some YEC diatribes on the evil effects of "evolution"
>>that seem to deny than man was fallen before 1859. This is incorrect
>>according to Genesis and all other historical evidence.
>Well, around here I see a lot more of diatribes aimed at the 'evils' of YEC's!

I think that most of us who've criticized YEC have also criticized the scientism
of people like Dawkins and others. I know I have. It's just that some of us are
very concerned about Christians spreading falsehoods in the Christian community
(something that, sadly, some of the list participants have apparently no concern
about given their support of organizations like the ICR, CRI, and AIG).

- Steve.

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