Moral effects of Darwinism

David Campbell (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 13:16:04 -0400

>At 07:52 AM 9/29/98 EST, Al wrote:
>>I think many of us would agree that slavery, eugenics, uncontrolled
>>capitalism, etc. (think of Ken Hamm's tree picture) are not to be blamed
>>on Charles Darwin, as if the world was peachy before. Man needs no
>>excuse to do evil, but of course will take every opportunity.
>This is all too true. However this does not obviate the use of Darwin by
>the same evil-minded humanity to further their evil tendencies. Insofar as
>this argument is advanced by opponents to Darwininsm as a negative result
>of Darwin's theory, they are correct, in my opinion.

I'm not certain what you mean by Darwinism. Modern evolutionary
theory is no more at fault for social Darwinism, Marxism, or eugenics than
gravitational theory is at fault if I drop a rock on someone's head. Some
evolutionary theorists, on the other hand, are clearly at fault for
contributing to the former three and other moral abuses.
I have seen some YEC diatribes on the evil effects of "evolution"
that seem to deny than man was fallen before 1859. This is incorrect
according to Genesis and all other historical evidence.

David C.