Re: the cart or the horse ?

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 09:35:40 -0700

At 07:52 AM 9/29/98 EST, Al wrote:
>I think many of us would agree that slavery, eugenics, uncontrolled
>capitalism, etc. (think of Ken Hamm's tree picture) are not to be blamed
>on Charles Darwin, as if the world was peachy before. Man needs no
>excuse to do evil, but of course will take every opportunity.

This is all too true. However this does not obviate the use of Darwin by
the same evil-minded humanity to further their evil tendencies. Insofar as
this argument is advanced by opponents to Darwininsm as a negative result
of Darwin's theory, they are correct, in my opinion.