the cart or the horse ?

McCarrick, Allan (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 07:52 EST

In the current issue of SCIENCE and SPIRIT (vol 9, no 4), has an
interesting paragraph in the news section (page 12). The editor refers
to a book review appearing in New Scientist of A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS:
DARWINIAN MYTHS, by Edward Caudill. At least one of the book's
objectives is to argue that all those evil fruits blamed on the advent of
Darwin's theory were already deep rooted in man and society.

Reviewer Mark Pagel states:

"The real danger lurks within us, not in Darwin's idea, which at most
adds only a garnish of scientific logic
to our worst tendencies."

I think many of us would agree that slavery, eugenics, uncontrolled
capitalism, etc. (think of Ken Hamm's tree picture) are not to be blamed
on Charles Darwin, as if the world was peachy before. Man needs no
excuse to do evil, but of course will take every opportunity.

Al McCarrick