Re: Comment on the Qu'ran

Karen G. Jensen (
Wed, 23 Sep 1998 09:55:19 -0600

Ted Davis wrote:

>Karen Jenson writes:
>Here is a summary I have made a couple of years ago when I read parts of a
>translation of the KORAN (I mention that it was a translation, because we
>are wise not to claim to have read the KORAN itself, because Muslems are
>taught that the only way to really read or hear it is in Arabic).
>MY COMMENT: Even more than this, Muslims do not believe that it is even
>possible to speak of a "translation" of their holy book; one can have only a
>"paraphrase." Sometimes I think Christians would be wiser to maintain that
>all biblical "translations" are in some sense not the same as the original
>Ted Davis


One time I asked a Jewish man, "What is the best translation of the Old
Testament?" He replied, "The Hebrew."

I said, "But what is the best _translation_?" And he repeated, "The Hebrew."

I tried once more, "I mean, of all the translations from the Hebrew, which
one(s) do you think are best?" And he said agian, "the Hebrew."