Re: 'Directed' evolution?

Glenn R. Morton (
Mon, 21 Sep 1998 20:05:23 -0500

At 03:03 PM 9/21/98 -0600, Keith B Miller wrote:
>I find this both interesting and astonishing. How can Denton reconcile
>this view with the perspective presented in "Evolution: A Theory in
>Crises?" It is hard, I would say impossible, to see that work as anything
>else than a polemic against common descent. Its arguments, many of them
>without scientific merit, have fueled much of the recent attack on
>macroevolution and theistic evolution.

I too was astonished to hear of Denton's new found evolutionism. In a
review of a Australian young-earth video (to be published in PSCF) Denton
was in there attacking evolution. Examples:

"I don't think the Darwinian theroy of evolution is anything like the
established fact that many biologists say. I call it the great cosmological
or cosmogenic myth of the 20th century. Thats a view I still maintain. I
think nothing I have seen in biological sciences new advances in science I
have seen in the last 20 years in any way changes my mind in any way about
the fundamental belief of mine that Darwinism is an inadequate
explanation." From a Frog to a Prince Keziah Video.

He also says that there are many things in the biological world which are
beyond the reach of simple darwinian mechanisms. (to be evolved that is).

While one could view the above statements as indicating that Denton
disagrees with the mechanism that Darwin himself proposed, and thus is not
a rejection of evolution itself, the way his segments are used in the
Keziah video looks like he is a card-carrying antievolutionist.

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