Re: James Shapiro Article and Neo-Darwinism

Keith B Miller (
Mon, 21 Sep 1998 15:03:47 -0600

I just wanted to heartily second the comments made by Tim Ikeda.

He wrote in part:

>The paradigm that I am seeing extended, not just by other evolutionary
>authors but also by Shapiro as well, _is evolution_, by which I mean
>common descent with modification. I will add to this that it is thought
>that these changes occur via "natural" processes (I use "natural" in quotes
>to allow for the possibility that god set up this "natural" system.)


>The "paradigm" which Shapiro thinks has some shortcomings is Darwinism
>(or Neo-darwinism) with which he associates (reasonably, I feel), Dawkins
>and Dennett. However, everything Dawkins nor Dennett say do not
>necessarily represent the entirety of evolutionary thought (This is an


>Let me make it clear; Shapiro is not objecting to the idea that neo-
>Darwinian mechanisms _can_ operate in evolution. He's objecting to the
>notion that they are the _only_ mechanisms at work in evolution. Neither
>Howard Van Till, nor Bill Hamilton, nor myself, nor many other biologists
>(including some I've referenced elsewhere in this topic) find Shapiro's
>objections to be controversial.

Just so!


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