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Well, as a so-called "YEC" myself, I can say that corrections are, of course, necessary
when needed. Of course, of course. Give me a break, the whole idea is to get to the

The problem you people are always harping on about the so-called ridiculousness of the
YEC position pretty much surrounds the issue of the YECs not being able to sufficiently
convince YOU that it is the truth. It doesn't involve your own search or your own
heart's exhaustive inquiry. Believe me brothers, if you seek the truth, you WILL find

Jesus is no liar. And therefore, just because YOU don't see the truth of a young earth
doesn't mean that it isn't true. Truth is certainly independent of man's assent to it.
And further, knowing that Jesus has said himself not to add or subtract from God's word,
I'm certainly in much more of an advantageous position if all I do is simply believe him
without searching for anything to support his claims than I am if I reject him and spend
my life peering through the microscope of the bottomless pit. You'll never keep the
truth while adhering to a lie in your spirit. You may find it, but if you don't cling
to it tenaciously, you'll end up rejecting it. What in the world do you think worship
is anyway?

If you think that you can attract the lost to the truth by feeding them lies, you're in
for a long and hard ride. Salvation isn't something to market as a choice. Salvation
is the freedom from the enslavement of death and damnation. I wonder what you will
plead before the Almighty God when you face him having a history of perverting his word.

The solution to the whole dilemma of Christianity versus "science" lies in Paul's
statement, "we walk by faith, not by sight." Faith is the substance of things hoped
for, the evidence of things not seen. Faith isn't some cloudy-feel-good experience.
Faith is the means by which men can perceive truth. Without faith, there is no
resolution to life. And, the major emphasis of scientific inquiry is based squarely
upon physical observation. Well, let me tell you that you can't physically measure
beauty, you can't physically measure love, and you certainly can't physically measure
the Spirit of God. And, because God created all things from that which you cannot see,
empirical observation is ultimately and utterably doomed because in the end analysis,
you just can't accurately explain what you can't see, and you certainly can't accurately
explain what you don't know. So, man is not the measure of a world that transcends his
own understanding. And when he maliciously and incorrectly assumes an understanding
about anything in his life, he hold onto the very gates of hell. And mind you,
everybody believes every word of the bible in hell.

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