Re: Shapiro versus ID

Inge Frette (
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 09:16:28 +0200

Bill Hamilton wrote :
> From that
> perspective it seems to me that bolstering one's confidence by finding gaps
> in the natural order is somewhat of a crutch. Would it convince any
> atheists/agnostics? I'm doubtful. Again, God is personal and wants to
> approach men in a personal way. If they will not respond to the ministry
> of the Holy Spirit, why would they respond to gaps in the natural order?

I am in general agreement with Bill here. Personally I don't think that
we should proportion our belief in God with the number of gaps we find.
But I recall a former colleague at work. He had also studied philosophy
and had a rather positivistic view of reality. He didn't believe in God,
but was open to the fact that God could exist. When I asked him what
was needed for him to believe in God, he answered something like this
"Give me some gaps. Gaps in the natural order will indicate God's existence"

And two days ago I spoke with another working colleague and he said that
he didn't believe in God since science had explained everything,
implying that there was no room for God if science can explain everything.

Some may find this view rather simplistic or naive, but the fact is that
many people think like this. Some kind of positivism is still a popular view
among the non-scientific people.
Our challenge is to find good ways to answer these people - there is
apologetic work here to be done. Apologetic in the sense of removing
obstacles to belief in God.

Regards, Inge

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