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Just a slight correction on Paul's note. Kline's article in perspectives
is brand spankin' new. Jack asked him to write an update to his early 60's
version: "Because It Had Not Rained" that appeared in the Westminster
Theological Journal. Kline's new article includes some new ideas not
contained in the original piece. The article in Perspective's represents
his most mature thinking. The article has caused quite a stir in the
Presbyterian Church in America and in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church
(Kline's denomination). Much of the debate in those denominations surrounds
whether or not a "Klinian" view of the Genesis days is consistent with
subscription to the Westminster Confession of Faith. Up to now both
denominations have said yes; there is some move,however, to say no.

As to his being quite elderly...well he's right up there is Jack Haas. So
whatever we think of Jack, we ought to think of Meredith Kline.

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