A Poll On Abiogenesis (Spontaneous Generation)

Howard J. Van Till (110661.1365@compuserve.com)
Sat, 5 Sep 1998 20:13:00 -0400

Mr. Mastropaolo,

Your simple "yes" or "no" poll is very revealing of your minimal
understanding of the issues and the minimal respect that you have for the
English language, for the honest search for better understanding in matters
of natural science and Christian belief, and for the the intellectual
capabilities of the members of this listserve.

In its proper historical context, the concept of "spontaneous generation"
applied, as was well explained to you by Wesley Elsberry, to the now
discredited belief regarding the near instantaneous development of *modern*
life forms (like maggots or mice) from non-living material.

Your choice to equate that historically conditioned term to the very
different modern concept of abiogenesis as it applies to the formation of
the first life on Earth is either mischievous, obscurantist, or a display
of your profound misunderstanding of the issues at hand.

You are wasting both your time and the time of other persons on this list
by such tactics. Our goal is to carry on constructive discussion, not
rhetorical games.

Howard Van Till