Templeton/CTNS University Lecture Series

Keith B Miller (kbmill@ksu.edu)
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>Meta 150. 8/26/98. Approximately 76 lines.
>Below is the schedule for the Templeton/ CTNS University Lecture Series for
>the Fall of 1998.
>For those of you who are interested in reading the obituary of and tributes
>to Eugene d'Aquili (see Meta 149), there is now a link available on the
>IRAS website <http://www.iras.org>. Please contact me for details if you
>are interested in attending the viewing and funeral tonight and tomorrow in
>Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.
>-- Billy Grassie
>From: CTNS <klsmith@ctns.org>
>Subject: University Lectures
>University of Aarhus, Denmark - September 21, 1998. Lecturer: Dr. Francisco
>J. Ayala: "The Roots of Human Nature - What Evolutionary Biology Can and
>Cannot Say about Ethics and Religion" Respondents: Dr. Jacobus Boomsma &
>Dr. Niels Henrik Gregersen. Contact Dr. Niels Gregersen for information at
> Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota - September 27-29, 1998. Joint
>Symposium: "Faith, Science and the Future" (located near Fargo, North
>Dakota). Templeton/CTNS University Lecturers -Monday, September 28th: Dr.
>Chris McKay & Dr. Margaret Race, "Mars Exploration: Some Theological &
>Ethical Issues"; Also speaking as part of the Symposium: Dr. Robert J.
>Russell: For more information, contact Dr. Ernest Simmons at Concordia at
>(218) 299-3430 or via email: <simmons@gloria.cord.edu> This CTNS-Templeton
>lecture will be part of a larger three-day symposium at Concordia College.
>Toronto School of Theology Regis College, Canada -- October 23, 1998.
>Lecturer: Dr. W. Mark Richardson. Contact George Schner
><gschner@chass.utoronto.ca> or CTNS.
>University of Illinois, Urbana --October 12, 1998. Lecturer: Dr. Gordon
>Kaufman from Harvard; "Doing Theology in a Scientific Age." Respondents:
>Dr. William Abraham and University of Illinois science faculty. Contact
>Robert McKim via email at <r-mckim@uiuc.edu>
>San Diego State University - October 12, 1998. Lecturer: Dr. Owen Gingrich.
>Respondent: Dr. Peter Hess. Contact Richard Elliott at (619) 583-3972.
>Michigan State University - October 18, 1998. Lecturer: Phil Hefner.
>Contact Lars Clausen <larsclau@pilot.msu.edu>
>University of Aarhus, Denmark - October 19, 1998. Lecturer: Dr. Ted Peters
>of the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary & CTNS: "Genetic Deteminism &
>Human Freedom: a Theological Inquiry". Contact Dr. Niels Gregersen for
>information at Nhg@TEOLOGI.AAU.DK
> Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO - November 12, 1998 (Tentative).
>Lecturer: Dr. Anne Harrington. Respondent: Jose Igancio Cabezon. Contact
>Prof. Cabezon at <jcabezon@du.edu>
>University of Illinois, Urbana - November 16, 1998. Lecturer: Dr. John
>Leslie: "God and Cosmology." Respondent: Dr. Tony Leggett. Contact Robert
>McKim at <r-mckim@uiuc.edu>
> University of Tasmania, Australia - November 18-20, 1998. Lecturer: John
>Polkinghorne. Contact Julia Watkin at <julia.watkin@utas.edu.au>
> Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois: Institute for Study of Science &
>Values - November, 1998 (Date TBA). Contact Dr. Patricia Flynn (603)
>December 1998: University of Regensburg, Institute for Protestant Theology,
>Germany. "The Phenomenon of Time in Theology and Natural Science." Featured
> speakers: Dr. Arthur Peacocke & Dr. Ted Peters, English Sessions; Dr.
>Willem Drees & Dr. Wolfgang Gebhardt, German Sessions. Contact Hildegard
>Ferme at <hildegard.ferme@theologie.uni-regensburg.de> or CTNS.
>1999 EVENTS
> Spirit in the Desert, Phoenix, AZ, March 5, 6 & 7, 1999: Faith and Science
>lectures, in cooperation with Luther Seminary, Pacific Lutheran University
>and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. Lecturer: Ted Peters. Other
>speakers TBA.
> Stanford University - Spring 1999 (Date TBA). "Ethical Implications of
>the Sharing of Genetic Information" Lecturer: David Cox. Contact Fr.
>Patrick LaBelle (650) 725-0080.
>These lectures are open to the campus and local community at no charge. For
>further information, contact Kathryn Smith, Project Coordinator at CTNS
><klsmith@ctns.org>. Call or write CTNS at (510) 848-8152 or 2400 Ridge Rd.,
>Berkeley, CA 94709-1212.
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