Re: Your book review in PERSPECTIVES, page 222, of Morton's book

J. McKiness (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 08:45:53 -0500 (CDT)

Hi Glenn,

Sorry but I disagree. You are comparing moderns with erectus. The
peoples you mention have the needle something there is no evidence erectus
had; so their clothing is better. At this point we have no evidence that
erectus even had clothing at all, even the evidence for fire is
uncertain. I think that migration into and out of the more extreme regions
of their range is the most reasonable and the simplest explaination.

There is no shame in migrating out of areas you can not servive in.
Hunters and gathers still do that where they can. Why wouldn't erectus?


On Mon, 24 Aug 1998, Glenn R. Morton wrote:

> At 09:31 AM 8/24/98 -0500, J. McKiness wrote:
> >My thoughts (and those in the literature on the subject) are that
> >seasonal migration probably played a role in the northermost extension
> >of hominid and later human ranges. Even today we do not maintain human
> >occupation at the highest latitudes that humans occupy in summer (except
> >in special lab habitats).
> This isn't true. Inuits have occupied northern Alaska for centuries. They
> lived along the pack ice capturing seals, even in the winter. And there
> were lots of Native Americans living in very cold parts of Canada during
> the winter. And the Siberian tribes like the Gilyaks, Tungis and others
> lived in Siberia year round. They didn't need our labs. Their technology
> was very good for creating warmth.
> glenn
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