Re: Something must change

John W Burgeson (
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 15:27:48 -0600

Glenn -- very brief comments on your second post to me (perhaps I've said
too much already)

>Absolutely, lots of folks view it the way you describe. But why is
>the genealogy of Abraham ipso facto not history? What external or
>internal evidence do you have of its falsity.>

You use the word "falsity," not I. In any case, I'm not an exoert here
my view on such a question ought to be counted as zilch. My only point
is that
rational, sincere, godly scholars do hold this view. Argument from
authority? I guess so. Sorry -- that's the best I can do without going to

> I also work in an industry which
>has lots and lots of atheists who don't give any consideration to
>Christianity because Christians either agree with them that the Bible
is not
>historically true or Christians don't believe that any scientific data
>can be true. My friends do not believe the Bible because they don't
>it is historically true and they find the YEC denial of observation
>appalling. Many of these people started out in life as Christians and
left the
>faith. My former boss, one of the funniest and most pleasant men I have
>worked for, laughed one time when I asked him if it would help him
>believe in Christianity if I acknowledged that it was conveying a
>message rather than a historical message. He used many of the
>arguments I have advanced here in this thread.

I cannot argue with your story here, Glenn, except to note that the
of the Bible played only a small part in my own conversion. It was our
interacting with me (yes, often through scripture) that caused me,
"kicking and screaming," to enter the Kingdom. The scriptures that WERE
instrumental in that conversion were primarily from John and the letters
of John, BTW. When I became a Christian, I was convinced Paul was
something of a flake and the OT just a bunch of interesting old stories,
maybe historical; maybe not.

I wrote:"Hmmm. I guess I qualify as one of your "Liberal Christian

You replied; "Yeah, but I like you a lot. :-) And we can share eternity
whatever is left to debate between us at that time."

Not "we can," Glenn. We WILL! < G > And one neat thing is that Bob and
George and Bill (and a few others) will be around to keep us on track!

>For me, those who have denied historicity of many parts of the
>Scripture are certainly more liberal than I. But I want to make clear
that I
>don't think salvation revolves around such issues. While we may differ
>differ strongly about various interpretations, we are all servants of
>God, struggling to deal with difficult issues.

Good deal, my friend.


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