Your book review in PERSPECTIVES, page 222, of Morton's book

John W Burgeson (
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 08:46:25 -0600

Hi Bill:

Nice review -- I think you caught the essence of Glenn's work. One point
puzzles me, however.

You write: "...there is evidence that H. Erectus lived in Siberia and
Germany 300,000 -- 400,000 years ago and in Georgia 1.6 million years
ago, and these locations require winter clothing."

At least two other possibilities exist, and I'd think that either of them
could also explain the evidence. First, is there evidence that winters
then were like winters now -- i.e. as cold as winters now? If not --
perhaps the climates then were warm enough to make clothing unnecessary.
Second -- hair does not fossilize (I think) -- perhaps H. Erectus had
sufficient body hair to survive winter climes as bears, elks, deer, etc.
do now!

On another subject, I found the communications from Pennock and Tanner in
this issue particularly good reading. Which means -- I learned from both
of them.

Best ...


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