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Glenn R. Morton (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 20:44:06 -0500

At 09:06 AM 8/21/98 -0400, James Taggart wrote:
>Not to put too fine a point on it, but it seems to me that the fact that
>the flood legend occurs not only in the Bible but also in the mythology of
>all of the cultures in the Mesoptamian area allows us to infer that some
>sort of massive flood MUST have occurred in that area in ancient times.
>You're the geologist, so I can't really argue with you, but I find it hard
>to believe that there is NO geologic evidence of floods along the Tigris
>and Euphrates in the geologic record.

The only evidence of Holocene sedimentation is along the courses of the
river valleys. All it takes is a look at a geologic map of the region.
The Holocene (<10,000 years B.P.) is confined to narrow ribbons along the
Tigris and Euphrates. I have looked, and looked for evidence of a
widespread flood in Iraq, but haven't found it. All there is is normal
riverine flooding, nothing more. But if someone can point me to
contradictory evidence, then I would be delighted to know of it.

here are the problems I see for a mesopotamian flood.

1. At a flow rate of 3 miles/hour the ark would be flushed out to the
Indian Ocean in about a week. The flood couldn't last a year.

2. The water couldn't be very deep. Given the slope to the Persian Gulf,
the water couldn't fill much of the Mesopotamian Valley before it would
flow so rapidly down to the Persian Gulf.

3. The ark could not travel against the water flow and land in Turkey.

4. Once in the Indian Ocean, the Ark could not find a resting place to the
north of Mesopotamia.

5. The Ark would never be out of sight of land.

6.The birds could find lots of places to light their feet.

7.The flood could not wipe out all of Mesopotamia

8. The flood could not be anthropologically universal because mankind was
in China 500,000 years ago and the Chinese were farming by 7000 years BC

9. God proclaimed in Genesis 8:21, "And never again will I destroy all
living creatures, as I have done." NIV If the flood was only a common river
flood and the term 'all living' refers to those living along river valleys,
then God lied!!!!!

I wish someone who believed in a Mesopotamian flood would tell me how to
avoid the conclusion that God lied. He has brought many many floods along
river valleys like the ones going on in China right now.


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