Re: Something must change

John W Burgeson (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 13:32:16 -0600

Glenn -- you wrote:

"Sadly, I know these are deeply troubling questions. ..
I came within about an eighth of an inch
of rejecting Christianity because the flood account, which appears as
historical as the Abrahamic accounts had no support from geology. >>

Just a comment here. In my studies, it does not seem as if Genesis 1-11
(up to the call of Abraham) really appears as "historical"
as what comes afterwards. Certainly a lot of folks
do view things this way! And, as you say (often), origins issues are
issues, not evangelistic. I suspect that your 1/8" was a lot more
than that -- but, of course, it is your story, not mine.

When I became a Christian at age 30, the questions of origins
were highly interesting -- but only that. The sheer fact that we are here
and that I exist as a self-conscious individual is (was) awesome enough
that once having accepted the gift Christ offered me everything else
sort of faded to obscurity in comparison.

" I would rather be an atheist than believe that which is false. >>

OK, I can buy that. Me too! But is that the question? I think not.

>> And if we Christians are afraid of dealing with the facts of science
and the
statements of Scripture as they are rather than as we wish them to be, we
are not really trusting God, that He is capable of providing explanations
for these events. I certainly know that as a YEC, I didn't trust God to
able to explain the scientific data, and I don't really think my Liberal
Christian brothers are any different.>>

Hmmm. I guess I qualify as one of your "Liberal Christian brothers."
Maybe. I sure do trust God to do whatever HE wants to do with and to me.
That includes letting me come up with "satisfactory scientific
explanations" when it is appropriate (in His sight) to let me do so and
to fail to do so in other situations. I suspect that origins issues are
mostly in the second category. But the game is in the chase, of course.

BTW -- exactly what do you think of when you use the term "Liberal
Christian?" Perhaps I am not one after all? I'm really not sure. In my
walk, and in the Christian circles I inhabit, the polarization of folks
into "Liberal" and "other" is seldom, if ever, a matter of discussion.

One more point ... you wrote:

"I would disagree here. I think the burden of proof is in those who
that God would inspire falsehood."

I guess that nobody here fits that description, Glenn. It is not a
position (IMHO) that any Christian would take, and the non-Christians
don't believe in God to start with.



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